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Monsterball Vise

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Desktop Model - Monsterball Vise

The family of Monsterballvise ® products are positioning systems which allow the user to place a held object at any attitude, infinitely variable, from fully perpendicular to horizontal and hold it firmly, rigidly and immobile in that selected position.

This allows you to work more comfortably.

To work at any angle to get the lighting on the work just right.

Desktop Model - Monsterball Vise

To work at an angle that more fully suits the direction of motion of the hands and arms.

To allow the access of tools to the work in a convenient and safe manner.

Thus allowing for expeditious work productivity while being safe and reducing joint and tendon damage from repetitive motion.

With a wide range of angle and position adjustments coatings can be applied to work in an even, more controllable manner.

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