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AgrAbility Project - Purdue University's Breaking New Ground (BNG) Resource Center The Toolbox: Agricultural Tools, Equipment, Machinery and Buildings for Farmers and Ranchers with Physical Disabilities

Aerospace Welding - Minneapolis - the worlds largest Aircraft Exhaust Repair

International Propeller Service

Australian/New Zealand Luthiers Forum

Christopher Dungey - Cello maker

David T. Van Zandt - Violin Resources Page

David Wiebe - Maker of the Violin family of stringed instruments

Double Bass Luthier Directory Project

Felix Krafft - Violin maker - Berlin, Germany

Guild of American Luthiers

Information Analytics - Web Design & Ecommerce

Johanna Parker - Folk art originals and design

Los Angeles Bass Works - Lisa Gass

Mark Hollinger - Violin maker

Ribbecke Guitar Corporation - Home of the Halfling

Sioux City Foundry - Casting and metal products

Susan Lipkins - Bow maker

The American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers

The Violin Society of America

Vulcan GMS - a worldwide leader in the manufacturer and production of custom radiation shielding and quality parts made from lead, tungsten, high density plastics and non-lead metal polymers.

Wet Design - water features for architecture, landscape and urban

William Scott - Violin maker

Air Craft Specialties - FAA EASA repair station

Andy Diaz Hope - mixed-media installations and fantastical sculptures

Eidos Ergonomic - seating for industry

Licor Biosciences

Polaris - excitment on wheels

Safran Aerospace Composities

StairMeister Log Works - Custom log stairs and custom log creations



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